Need To Know: Special Effects Make Up by Olivia Falcon

Greetings readers, I write this from a desk that is groaning with Summer’s latest new make-up launches. I know, lucky me. Shifting through the volumizing brow tints, plumping lip balms and highlighters (some of which give skin an almost alien-like glow), it’s a job to work out what’s hype, what works, which products have staying power and which just pretty packaging. However, I’ve come across a few corkers that you definitely all need to put on your shopping list this spring.

First up, foundations and I want to start by saying, I compare everything to my tried and trusted favourite: Chanel’s CC Cream SPF 50 £46 a colour correcting cream that has a lighter more whipped texture than regular foundation and light reflecting particles that address issues such redness and sallowness which genuinely keep one from looking less weary, even if you’ve only had six hours sleep. CC creams are not to be confused with BB creams (Blemish Balms) which have lighter coverage than foundation but heavier than tinted moisturizers and contain active ingredients you would usually find in a serum. I personally feel all this alphabetizing is marketing hype and its more a question of finding a texture that really suits the needs of your skin and so after swabbing and sponging various brands on a panel of my friends Chanel has again emerged as the winner with it’s Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel touch Foundation SPF25 £37.

This is a cushion foundation which for those of you who have not heard of them before, is a trend that started in South Korea. You sponge on the foundation which gives a slighter sheer coverage that makes skin look lit from within and everyone unanimously agreed that while we didn’t manage to look like the brand’s poster girl Gisele, this stuff is dynamite and takes about 5 years off one’s face.

Moving on to eyes if like me you have sensitive eyes that tear up at the slightlest whistle of wind, La Roche-Posay’s Respectissime Extension Mascara £16 is a godsend. It has a tear free formula (a liquid ingredient that works a bit like an anti-tears baby shampoo) making it supremely comfortable to wear whilst simultaneously lifting and separating lashes.

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