I have worked with a number of leading beauty brands and cosmetic clinics helping them to establish a strong, dynamic presence in the UK market.

My aim is to develop a clear strategy for companies working across many types of media. My skills include copywriting, editing and creating content for on-line and printed platforms. I am often asked to brainstorm creative concepts and help companies better understand the UK beauty market.

As a well-known face in the beauty industry, I have been a brand ambassador and organized and hosted many events. I also have experience conducting one-to-one interviews and hosting panel discussions in front of live audiences.

In October 2016, I hosted the first Brides Beauty Clinic at Brides The Show, at the Islington Business and Design Centre, a two-day event, which attracted over 7,000 guests. I organized and interviewed a panel of the country’s top 10 cosmetic doctors about the latest cosmetic trends and treatments.

In June 2017, I hosted a live “Meet The Skin Experts” speed dating style reader event with 200 brides and their mothers at the Cafe Royal hotel in London, where I organised a panel of leading cosmetic doctors, dermatologists and beauty brands who offered consults and treatments.

Olivia’s Brides Skin Expert panel included Intraceuticals, Lumity, MZ skincare, Eudelo Clinic, Dr Rita Rakus, Dr Tracy Mountford and CoolSculpting, Sculpsure, Dr Nathalie Blakeley, S-Thetics Clinic and Visia, Dr Uchenna Okoye and London Smiling, River Aesthetics.

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Testimonials from clients past and present..

“I would run out of superlatives if I had to describe Olivia! When I made the decision to launch PHI clinic, I remember feeling overwhelmed. Olivia gave me the reassurance to make me believe the project would go to plan, and now 3 years later I owe her a huge debt of gratitude. She enjoys tremendous respect from her peers and it is easy to see why. Her core strengths are professionalism, passion and innovation. I simply cannot praise her or her contribution to my own endeavours highly enough, she is a joy to work with.”
Dr Tapan Patel, Director PHI clinic


“Olivia worked as a consultant for our brand for over 2 years, focusing on many areas of our business. As well as helping us develop our Spa business in the UK, Olivia brilliantly organised skincare masterclasses, worked as a brand ambassador and wrote creative content for our company literature and website. Throughout our time working together, we found Olivia to be the consummate professional, her insider knowledge and her contacts where first rate and invaluable to help us growing our business in the UK. We continue to enjoy a great relationship with Olivia and would highly recommend her consultancy services.”
Elena Serra, Corporate VP of Communications, Natura Bisse


“As one of the most influential and insightful journalists in the beauty industry, Olivia is at the top of her game and always one step ahead of the curve. A trusted advisor, I have consulted her on many areas of my business from special projects at home to growing internationally. The most brilliant networker and fixer, Olivia has made some great introductions for us, connecting us with other doctors and brands around the globe. A riveting writer and creative thinker, Olivia really understands my brand.”
Dr Rita Rakus, Founder of the Rita Rakus Clinic


“A crucial part of our start up team, Olivia came on board to guide us through the process of opening the Waterhouse Young Clinic. She consulted on a wide variety of things from suggesting new machines, treatments and product lines to finding our PR agency, introducing us to members of the press, writing our blog and even advising on the interior layout of the clinic to ensure the most luxurious customer journey. Her eye for detail, impeccable contacts and sound knowledge and advice were all priceless and we would highly recommend working with her.”
Anna Silsby, Managing Director, The Waterhouse Young Clinic


“When I was looking for a beauty blogger, all fingers pointed to Olivia. Her years of experience as a top beauty journalist and her bright and entertaining style of writing have really drawn in and engaged my subscribers.  With her finger on the pulse, she is the perfect person to guide us to the best beauty treatments and products. Olivia is the beauty knowledge.”
Michelle de Biolley, Founder of almostessential.com