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Beauty New Year List

If you started to go slightly cross-eyed over the New Year here is some time saving beauty suggestions guaranteed to reduce stress and simplify your current beauty routine.
For the days bookended with booze-filled festivities, when you regular skincare is jut not cutting it, Dr Barbara Sturm’s products offer maximum results with minimal hassle. A German cosmetic doctor who has a large Hollywood following; Kim Kardashian, Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley and Bradley Cooper are among the time poor tribe who love her faff free products, which are packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients. Frustrated with constantly seeing skin inflammation caused by aggressive skincare such as harsh peels, retinols and the like, Sturm’s fuss-free routine has three cornerstone products: a gentle foamy cleanser £40 that softens and soothes winter whipped skin, a wrinkle melting Hyaluronic Serum, £230, and Face Cream, £132, into which you can drop her genius SPF Sun Drops, £105, for some UV protection (all available at From my own experience I found this basic routine totally changed the texture of my skin both brightening and softening it in just two days.

I’ve also swapped out my bulky make up bag for a sleek TrinnyLondon Make Up Stack, (from £16).

These small, air travel compliant pots of colour include foundation and bronzer, plus eye, lip and cheek colours that conveniently clip together. A godsend for anyone fumbling their way through the party season, the colours are cream rather than powder formulations so are easily applied with fingertips and available exclusively online at where Trinny has a trademarked a genius match2me algorithm that works out the most flattering colors for your unique skin tone.

Finally an alternative to time consuming fake tanning, eighties supermodel Celia Forner has come up with Alleven, £70,

This is a brilliant quick dry, skin perfecting spray with a hint of a tint. It’s best described as a tinted moisturizer for the body as it hydrates skins and adds a bit of colour (that washes off in the shower but wont rub off on clothes or sheets). It covers up imperfections such as spots (that backless party dress is no longer off limits), veins (you can bare legs in the depths of winter) and blotchy crepey skin (it takes about 10 years off a crepey décolleté). Currently only available online on Almost Essential 
Trust me put these products on your Christmas shopping list now and they will not only save your skin but your sanity too.

Olivia Falcon

Game Changing Beauty Products

Need To Know: The game changing beauty products by Olivia Falcon

  1. It’s hard not to be skeptical when you work in beauty. I average about 800 emails a week heralding the arrival of a cure for cellulite or the end of wrinkles, bad hair days and spots. Of course sadly no-one has yet single-handedly cracked any of these concerns but cutting through the promises and the hype, there are some genuine gems that, hand on heart, without any agenda (apart obviously than my own vanity), have one hundred percent worked for me.

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